Soccer Saturday

For the men’s soccer tournament we had the privilege of playing two different village teams. For the first game we started in our usual formation, but due to the ground being so hard and making the ball bounce like crazy We could not gain control of the game and they scored making the game 1-0. Therefore, we soon changed formation. This formation worked extremely well for that game and we ended up scoring two goals, winning the game 2-1. Jenn, our missionary, told us it was good that we beat them because they were really arrogant and us winning would only help them grow. The next game was a bit more difficult. We could not find the net and ended up losing that game, along with Faith receiving a red card, which just so happened to be on her birthday. Then after lunch, we went back to Pantanal and played a village women’s team. This was extremely different than playing the men. The women were not as fast or organized as the men, but it was good for the women to play us and see the joy because we play for God; as well as us seeing them play with joy and laughing around. We ended up winning that game. After, we played the women two really good men’s teams played. It was an extremely close nail biting game. The game went on to penalty kicks to determine a winner. Overall, it was a great gathering if villages with the Word being preached consistently.


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