Kick ball Friday

For the kickball tournament we were split up into 2 teams, and there were 4 other Nicaraguan teams there. We had already met a few of the Nicaraguan teams, so it was fun to see some familiar faces and continue joking around with them. Both teams won their first games, and I know that at least in our game there were a lot of laughs when people dropped the ball or mis-hit/threw it. In between games we got to talk to some of the woman and play with the kids, which was a really good way for us to build on the relationships we had already formed. Then, both teams also won the second game before we had to play each other. Grace 1 ended up winning, so we moved on to the championship game. We played the same team we had beat in the second game. The cool thing was that some of our team had showed them how to kick the ball properly earlier since a lot of them used their toe before, and you could already see the improvement between the 1st and 2nd time we played them. We ended up winning, but it was still a really fun game. The competitiveness and joy that the Nicaraguan teams brought to the afternoon as a whole was a real encouragement to all of us that had the privilege of interacting with them!


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