Madrono training with Voss

A few of us played with some of the guys from Modrono. It was really different and interesting because we were trying to teach them some drills and patterns of play. A lot of them understood the concepts really well, but they were saying that it was hard to actually do it. They struggled through the drills but we were trying to let them tough it out and just talk through it without much instruction. They did really well with it and I think they actually learned something. They were very receptive and you could tell they really appreciated us helping them. They want voss to help them tomorrow in the tournament or at least just sit on their sideline and coach them a bit. After all the drills in the rain, we just played with them and they loved it. We all had a ton of fun playing while rolling around in the mud and poop. It was definitely an interesting experience and I was glad I had the opportunity to hang out and play and talk with them. They’re already trash talking us for when we play tomorrow, but it’s all in good fun. Today was a really fun experience and I think this team of guys really has the potential to be really good with a bit of discipline, which is what we’re trying to show them. I’m really excited to play them tomorrow and they are too because they know we’re good competition.

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