Thursday Afternoon Group 2

I was a part of the second group that went out to the field at Pantanal. Our group went out to play kickball with a girls team and also share the Gospel with any other kids, parents, and players from another guys’ team. A kick ball team is only allowed to have 9 players on it and since we had more than 9, a smaller group of us juggled and played small soccer games with some of the guys from the Modrono team that we had played against at the Sala tournament. Although they joked about beating us earlier this week they were very impressed that we actually challenged them and how organized and cohesive our team was. I shared a message with the people explaining the difference between the bondages of sin and the rules that Christians choose to follow. Many people here view Christianity as being very legalistic and controlling. They think that they have to follow a lot of rules to be a Christian and it doesn’t allow them to enjoy their life. I addressed these concerns for them and told them that in reality we are slaves to sin; not rules. I said that sin is a trap leading to destruction. I told them that following rules doesn’t make them righteous but instead aware that they need a Savior. I concluded with the results of sin which is regret, shame, and death and that a life with Christ leads to: joy, peace, and eternal life.
God is truly working in the lives of these people! I miss you all!
Meghan Wiles


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