Prayer Walk

Half of the team went on a prayer walk this morning. We started off by praying together and asking God to guide us on our walk and asking the Holy Spirit to move in us. We desired to not have a spirit of timidity but rather we wanted boldness. We walked up and down the street that Jennifer and Scott (the missionaries here) live on. The idea of the walk was to just offer pray for people. Scott told us that praying for these people is a huge encouragement to them. We prayed for a couple women and their families. We also spoke to and prayed for some men doing road construction. These men told us that they were Christians and that they wanted us to pray for a change of heart for the men in Nicaragua. We also ran into a man named George that Scott knew. George told us that he was three months sober and working on changing his life. Mimi shared her testimony and encouraged him to persevere and turn towards God. The overall experience was very encouraging. God commands us to love his people. We were expressing love by offering to pray and listen to the people we met on our walk. God is doing great things here!


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