Last night a group of us had the privilege of going into a village called Modrono. We were anxious and excited to go because we had played a group of boys from the village a few days back. The village is not the safest and has seen a lot of brokenness. We arrived at the village and participated in a Bible study led by the missionaries that have been reaching out to these people. We had Carlie and Marina share a message with the village, which they responded well to. We then broke off into smaller groups of three and four and prayed for each person within the village. A few of us were able to talk to the boys we had played sala (futsal) with, and found out that three out of the five of them had salvation. After asking why the other two had not accepted Christ we asked what was holding them back. A boy named Alex stood out from the rest by saying he needed to change before accepting the gift of salvation. We shared how God accepts us for who we are and that we don’t need to clean ourselves up before becoming a Christian. We told him that we were all completely equal in the fact that we are all imperfect, showing that we need Christ for that reason. After explaining salvation to him, he said the salvation prayer, admitting that Jesus died for his sins, and accepted Christ. It was easily one of the most powerful moments on this trip thus far; to gain a brother in Christ and see someone gain eternal life. It boosted our motivation and love for Christ. It gave us hope of a heaven and eternity with Christ and one without a language barrier.

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