Market Mahem


After having breakfast at Scott and Jen’s, we got split into four groups. Each group was given a leader, 500 Cordobas and a list of supplies that they would need to purchase at the market. The list consisted of school supplies for some of the local children. Each group ventured into the market to try and bargain with the vendors in order to get the supplies for the lowest price. We had one hour to purchase all of the items and make our way back to Scott and Jen’s. Each person in the group had to bargain with at least one vendor in buying an item. The task was more difficult because the vendors generally charge Americans more; knowing that they are less aware of how much items are really suppose to be. It was an opportunity to practice more Spanish, experience another side of the culture, and communicate in a more unique type of way. It is fair to say that it was not only an educational experience, but also a funny one. KH

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