Soccer Clinic

This afternoon we did a clinic with a partner contact and we taught local children 1 v. 1 moves. Afterwards, we split into two teams and played soccer with the children at the clinic. I played on a team with 4 other Grace girls against about 10 teenage boys. Once again I was remind how soccer enables us to contact with people even from a different country. The boys were competitive and loved joking around with us. It was very encouraging to see the boys stick around and wanting to hear our testimony. Sobey spoke about Gods love and how her purpose is to glorify Him and not earthly things. I loved seeing the joy we were able to bring to these kids through the doors Christ opened. CNS


One thought on “Soccer Clinic

  1. How great to use something you love to connect with others and gain respect enough that they care who your God is! It sounds like you are getting to really use your soccer skills to do that. Amazing how quickly people size us up. I am praying that what they see in you is a good reflection of who God is. 0-0

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