Thoughts from Maile

Today was a great day full of soccer, and sharing with others. Our team was split up into three sala teams for the tournament. We ended up winning first and second place, with a Nicaraguan team in third. Our intention was to pursue the girls after the matches and share the love of Christ through our actions. Some of the girls who are able to speak Spanish spoke with the girls on the other team. I realized today that it is important to not take for granted the blessing it is to speak the same language as others in the US. I say that because I find it very difficult to share my faith with the language barrier. We do have translators, but I so much wish I could start conversation with those we encounter. I now have a greater appreciation for being able to share with people in the states. After dinner we had a team meeting which was focused on creating a close community on our team. All of us are working to lift each other up and get to know each other on a deeper level . It is such a blessing to be given this opportunity to serve and grow here in Nicaragua. We are looking forward to the week ahead and what God has in store for us and the people we are serving.

One thought on “Thoughts from Maile

  1. Great stuff, #GCWS! We are praying back here in snowy Winona. Praying that God would continue opening doors to build relationships to share Christ and that the Spirit would be moving and changing your hearts during this trip.

    Bring back some of that sun for us! Love God. Be a Baller.

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