Saturday morning

Arrived safe late last night. Got going early at 630am. Met down in town for some pick up with other women who play sala. Basically futsal outdoor on a basketball court. There is a men’s tournament running at the same time. Hollar and Hayes shared their testimonies. Good morning so far!


One thought on “Saturday morning

  1. This is the Groves family. It is great to see the girls having this time to minister to others and also bond. The Lord will continue to use you girls…keep safe In Jesus Name……Jerry you can translate this for the girls….wha a gwan? , unno mek di ting look eeasi fi do….dem people deh muss si JESUS inna unno. .Keep it nyce an safe … aaawright….mi gawn but come back quick yu hear..mi miss unno aready

    Love you guys in Christ

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