Tuesday – Margie’s Birthday!!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGIE!!! (her gift was a smashed egg on her head)

We started the morning with another prayer walk, while the other group made a visit to the dump for a feeding program. The first woman that we approached was seated on a porch across from her house. She had a crutch under her arm and was very old. She seemed very friendly and told us her name was Rosa. She explained that she helped people cook for a living and shared that she occasionally visited a Catholic church. We prayed for her and her family. We continued down the road and came to know this woman named Luisa. She was walking home from her home church and told us that she was a regular. She has been a believer for quite a while and found so much joy in our encouragement. After we prayed for her, she invited us to her home to pray over her house and her family. When we got to her home the sight was very humbling. The home was built out of random pieces of wood and plastic stuck together. There was a fence around the home made by sticks and string. She fumbled to give us chairs and a place to sit. We learned that her daughter was having trouble with blood pressure and her granddaughter was having heart problems. We prayed with the family and thanked them for letting us in their home. As our visit was coming to a close she told us that she was “so happy to have met her family in Christ.” It was an amazing experience. Out trip continued with meeting a man named Luis. He was on his way to the market on his bike and stopped to tell us that he had Catholic beliefs. We shared that we believed that you can get to heaven by believing in Jesus, rather than your good deeds. He explained to us that he had wanted to buy a Bible, but they were just too expensive. We quickly gave him our Spanish-English Bible, and the joy on his face was indescribable. When we were walking away we took a glance back and Luis was already in the middle of the street reading his Bible. It showed us how much we take for granted in the sense that we are fortunate enough to have a Bible, and sometimes don’t always take advantage of it. The last woman that we got the privilege to meet was very interesting. After offering her one of our Bible’s we came to find out that a previous group of us had already given one to her. That was so shocking because out of all of the people in Grenada, two groups got to stop and talk to her. She told us that she had a son named Steven and that she swept trash for the government. We gave her a few verses to read, and showed her how to look them up. She then told us that she was ready to accept Christ into her heart. It was phenomenal. Summer lead her in prayer as she openly proclaimed her desire to know Christ. It was truly a moment of how glorious God really is.

After lunch, we had a market scavenger hunt. We walked to the park, and split up into five teams each with a translator. We were given a certain amount of money, and we had a list of things to buy. The translator was not allowed to speak, which made communication more difficult. The goal was to obtain all of the items on the list, have the most money left over, and be the first team to finish. Some of the items included rope, crayons, pencils, eggs, a bucket, soap, laundry detergent, a top, and drinks. All of items are going to be given to a family in the community. The winning team received marbles. We then headed back to The Bridge to have lunch and get money for shopping. We took a bus about a half hour away to Masaya where we looked around and bought souvenirs. The market had a large variety of items, and it was very easy to get lost. We were only given a short amount of time, before we had to get back on the bus for our volcano and cave tour. The volcano was just outside of Managua, and was breathtaking. I think there was three craters, but some information was lost in translation. The huge craters were giving off the gas from the volcano making the smell very strong.  

3 thoughts on “Tuesday – Margie’s Birthday!!

  1. Thanks for the updates! We are praising the Lord for the work He is doing through #GCWS — keep stretching yourselves and sharing the hope of Christ!

  2. Praying for all of you that God would give you courage and boldness to share his great mercy and grace. Let your light shine that others may know Christ!!

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