Today was an incredible day for us! We started off the morning with the prayer walk. The concept of a prayer walk is walking around the town where we felt the Spirit was leading us as well as talking to random people about Christ. Our group prayed before we left and asked the Spirit to lead us and guide with where to walk, who to talk to and what to say. The prayer walk was a challenge and a very stretching experience. First, we were very timid, but I saw a man sweeping the side of the road so we decided to talk to him first. His name was Denilo. We talked to him for a while and he said he knew who God was and we asked if we could pray for him. We prayed for his step-daughter Joselyn and her baby because there were health issues. Then we started walking toward town square and when we arrived in town square we felt called to talk to this women sitting on a bench. When we talked to her we found out that she was a believer and she happened to be meeting people that were passing out sandwiches to the homeless. We offered to help pass out sandwiches so we walked around to the homeless passing out sandwiches and telling them bible stories. Then we met Maria who was homeless, sad, and very dirty. She was very friendly, but felt hopeless because she had a terrible life. She had no family but one son who was living in Managua but not saved. She was very worried about her son but had no way of finding him because she had no money. We shared a few verses with her and prayed for her. Then she sang us a beautiful song. She wanted us to come back every day and spend time with her because she was very lonely. Maria broke my heart and I wanted to help so much but I felt helpless other than loving her and praying for her. Next, we went over to this big church and on the steps were about eight homeless men. We started talking to them and met Junior. God really moved in my heart when we met Junior. He knew God and was very passionate about knowing more about God and changing his life. He really wanted a bible because he wanted to read it and learn more. He promised to read it and share it so we gave him a bible. Then we prayed for him and he started crying. He wants to change his life and free himself from the drugs and alcohol he is addicted too.  We invited him to the men’s addiction group that the church puts on Wednesday nights. He said he was coming then hugged us each and we left. The prayer walk was VERY powerful and God is moving here. God is showing me more and more how to listen to his still small voice in my head. I am learning how to trust God more and how immense his power is to change lives. The second part of the day we went to VBS in a church out in the dry country. We played some soccer on a field that was the worst field I have ever seen in my life. You had to climb up bumps and stairs to get to the other side of the field. We sang song with the kids, and then shared a message on Gods glory. I was really stretched out of my comfort zone today and learned an immense amount about God’s power and love. I am absolutely loving Nicaragua and God is MOVING here (:  M.H.

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