Monday – Afternoon

We started off the morning jump in the back of a truck and going through the usual bumpy streets. We drove right through the down town market. It was over crowded to the point that people were walking past us as we drove through the street. All the girls enjoyed the slow movement because there were many sights to see and pictures to be taken. There were fruit vendors, cell phones vendors, clothes and shoes, and along with a variety of toys for sale. All of this was on our way to Pantanal for a VBS. When we got to Pantanal the church looked like a normal house but it was probably 3x the size. Jesse took a group of girls out into the streets to invite some kids to the VBS. We walked for about half an hour and returned with about 20 ninos (kids). My group had the opportunity to play soccer with some older kids that had nothing to do with the VBS. There was a small opening outside the church, scattered with trash, growing trees and cracking ground where we made two goals using rocks and large pieces of trash. So we played the guys and the competition was pretty good. Our 5 girls and Christi in the goal vs 6 guys. The score ended up being 3-3. Jesse called us all inside as the VBS was let out and the kids started to play and take over the field we were playing on. We found a small corner, made a circle and started to share with the guys what God was laying on our hearts. After the pastor introduced himself, I started off the group by talking about relationships and how God is a loyal friend no matter what. Following me, Mallory spoke about sometimes when we follow God we sometimes are rejected by our family and friends for new found faith. Kaitlyn W. explained the freedom one can feels when God is in control of their life and forgives them of their sins. (Galatians 5:1) Maile used her personal example of her family’s struggle to show how God can provided comfort in hard times even when he doesn’t prevent difficult situations from coming into our life.  Christi finished it up by talking about Pride and the need for humility in our lives. Jesse took over and shared his testimony with the guys. Towards the end he encouraged them to seriously consider handing their lives over to Jesus. One of the guys was already saved and then 3 of the remaining 5 guys made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. The pastor came and prayed with us all and led them in the sinner’s prayer. It was really encouraging and reenergizing to witness this whole experience. After we said AMEN all the girls were so excited that we hugged our new brothers in Christ and took a picture so we could remember to pray for them. We handed out the bibles we had to them and asked Jesse to follow up with them to make sure their questions could be answered. Finally we returned back to El Puente in the back of the truck singing the praises of God for the amazing experience we had just witnessed. Praise the Lord for how He moves through soccer! C.P.S.

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