Yesterday was a crazy, exciting, and adventurous day! We started our journey at 9:30 am to get into three vans and head the airport. We arrived around 12:30ish at the airport and flew right by customs and checking in for our flight. While waiting for our lunch, a lady that worked at the chocolate store next to the restaurant we were planning on eating stopped by to offer some free candy! Obviously, we turned her down….just kidding! After receiving our free chocolate, she started to ask me questions about who we were, where we were heading, and what all we would be doing. I proceeded to tell her that about where we are from and how we are going to Nicaragua, then I told her we were doing a missions trip. She was unaware of what a mission’s trip was, so I began to tell her. After I told her we would be going to share the Gospel with the people of Nicaragua, she stared at me for a second then we walked away. To me, that was kind of discouraging, but the day gets better. As we reached our gate, since we had Grace plastered all over us, a guy who is going to Grace Graduate school was sitting right there heading to Nicaragua as well. All of us were astonished about how we could see God using Grace as a means to reach the people of Nicaragua. We all took a piece of candy. Our first flight was five hours to El Salvador airport. The flight surprising didn’t seem that long. Once we got to El Salvador we weren’t done traveling yet, by this point it was about 7:30 pm and we still had one more hour long flight to reach our destination of Nicaragua. We finally arrived at our destination of The Bridge at 11 pm. 

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