Wednesday – Match #2

Today was game day #2! The day started off with breakfast, as usual, with our favorite servers. They really have become our friends and they are always willing to chat with us about what we have been doing here in the Cayman Islands. We also had some other visitors at breakfast: pesky black birds, which Emily and Shek have starting feeding, so they stay around and cause trouble.

After breakfast, we had our Bible Study as a group. Today’s topic was A Game-Changing Moment. We began the study by talking about some of our favorite game-changing moments in different sports and then more specifically Grace College Women’s Soccer. We got to reminisce about some of the times that have really stood out in our program’s history. I didn’t share about mine with the team, but I will share with all of you lovely readers at home! My favorite GCWS game-changing moment was during my freshman year when we won the NCCAA Regional Championship. There were many amazing things that happened in that game, but the true changing moment was at the end – celebrating with my teammates and realizing what our team was truly capable of. We transitioned from sports to life. Many girls shared of the game-changing points in their lives and those ranged anywhere from being in a state of depression and God lifting them out, to realizing the true power of prayer. At the end of the study we were challenged to really ask God to give us the courage and determination to change what needs to be changed in our lives.

After Bible Study we had some free time, and I personally spent my time reading for fun, since that is something that we don’t get to do very often during the hustle and bustle of school. Some people just took the time to relax in the hammock. After free time, it was time for another meal. Sometimes I feel as if we eat ALL the time (Side note: Mom, I have been doing really good eating Gluten-Free, so don’t worry!). After lunch, which was actually at 3pm, we talked about the game and got to talk through the positives and negatives of the previous game.

GAME TIME.  I am never shocked by the amount of excitement that surrounds our games. There is a wide variety of people and they are of all different ages. We are beginning to see some familiar young faces that like to hang out by our bench. They are all so loving and supportive of futbol. We got to do the FIFA walk out again, which was much more organized the second time around. J The final score of the game was 5-0 and we won.  At the end of the game, everyone on the other team received a Grace College t-shirt, a US Soccer pin, and a Mission Ball, which Jalisa explained about before. The girls are truly grateful for those gifts and we are so happy to be able to give them away.

After the game, Liz was able to talk to both teams about her struggles with her back surgery and about how she called out to God to disrupt her life so that she could focus more on Him. He did just that, and through her back surgery she was able to one, learn guitar, and two, learn to play futbol for Him. It was a great reminder to thank God for the gifts he has given us, and to use them as worship to Him. The other girls really seemed to respond to her. I also noticed that many of the ladies that we met on our high school visit made it to the game, so it was awesome to see them!

After the game, we returned to the hotel for dinner, only to find out that Wednesday night at the Blue Iguana is KARAOKE night. It was a lovely surprise, and I am sad to say that I don’t think any one of us picked up the mic, but there was some dancing that took place. After that: ice baths, showers, and lights out!

We are so thankful to have been given this opportunity to be here in the Cayman Islands, and it is so amazing to see the way that God is moving in our team and in the ladies around us. Since being here I have been constantly reminded that God is such a forgiving God. His grace is amazing and we will never, ever be worthy of it.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – Match #2

  1. I’ve read these past couple posts with my jaw on the floor! You guys are truly modeling what playing soccer for Christ looks like. The team should write a book! I’m amazed at the opportunities God is giving your team every day and i pray that He continues to do so. .

  2. “Heavenly Father we thank you for ALL the amazing work you are doing in the lives and hearts of Cayman people and in our team as well. Continue to use the girls stories and talents to bring glory to yourself and reveal more of you to the lost people that are so desperate for you. We rejoice for the sisters in Christ we now have and we ask boldly that there will be more hearts won over for you in the teams last two days and even after they are gone. Thank you for hearing and answering prayers. Thank you for using this team. We love you and praise you.”

    So amazing to hear these stories!! I agree with Jimmy about writing a book 🙂
    I can’t wait to hear even more when you get back. Live it out loud girls!!

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