Tuesday – God is in control

Today was an incredibly busy day! After breakfast we loaded the bus and set out for what we thought was going to be a morning at a primary school (or elementary school). We were ready to share with some kiddos and we were already planning a few soccer games we could play with them. However, when the bus pulled up…we were at a high school! Ok, time to switch gears. We had no idea that we would be expected to stand in front of a gym full of high school girls to share about our team. Even as we walked in we had no idea who was going to share or what we were going to talk about. We quickly huddled up and I (Vic) asked if anyone had anything on their heart to share. Thankfully God had put something on Kristin’s heart just that morning!

Sam gave an intro about our team. Then I (Vic) came up with an on the spot comedy act based on my lovely shot that I scored AGAINST our team my freshman year. That story never fails to break the ice and get some laughs. But it also led to a quick discussion on how we all make mistakes in soccer and we all make mistakes in life as well. I was able to talk about the penalty for our sin and mistakes and how Christ took that upon himself and paid the price for our sin by dying on the cross. Then Kristin shared a little of her testimony and how there is a difference between joy and happiness. She talked about a time in her life when she had nothing around her that could make her happy but she had the joy of the Lord which never fails. God was speaking through Kristin so strongly and we all just listened in amazement as she gave an invitation to the girls to know Christ as their personal Savior. Somewhere between 10 and 20 girls responded to the invitation by raising their hands and praying with Kristin. Praise God!

I am still amazed at how God orchestrated this morning. We had nothing planned. I guess all it takes is a willing heart to share His truth and the ability to watch Him at work. Shek, Voss, Thiago, and Nikki also shared. Nikki plays for one of the Cayman Islands team (she was the “cusser” of the group). But we have watched God change her heart before our eyes and it almost brought me to tears to hear her share with former classmates about what God has done in her life.

The high school girls gave each of us a personal tour of the school. This allowed us to get to know them better. One girl asked me, “Do you ever feel like giving up on your faith?” This opened the door for me to share my testimony from last year about my doubt and frustration with being a Christian. But I also got to share how God loved me through all of that.

It was hard to leave these new friends after we had just met them and connected so deeply. The afternoon was filled with fun at the Turtle Farm!! A couple of the Cayman Island girls went with us. We went snorkeling, met Sparky (the HUGE turtle), and got to hold baby turtles.

Then we went to Hell.

If you have not read our previous blogs, you should, because then that last statement will make more sense.

After that we went straight to the girls’ U17 game. Of course, we made a grand entrance with our signature “Olay” chant. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner, immediately followed by our new friends coming back to the hotel with us to hang out. You never know what will happen when all the coaches leave for an important dinner meeting…

We started off the night by sitting in a circle by the pool and…worshipping? Nope. Scaring our teammates to death with a fake spider. As each new person would join the circle, we would ask them to talk to the video camera about the turtle farm. Then Hannah would slip the spider right by their foot. All of us would scream like the world was ending, and we would watch our poor teammate jump and run and roll and scream and even…cry. I believe we did this 5 times without anyone catching on. The last one was Nikki (our new Cayman Islands friend). She was by far the funniest! Other funny events followed, such as Hannah allowing a starfish to suction itself to her face. We also got to have several serious conversations with our new friends. We could not get rid of them tonight even though they have school in the morning!

I have already written soooo much…but I am so overwhelmed by how much this trip has been directed by the Lord. Just from my own perspective, I remember being hesitant about coming on this trip, until I felt God tell me, “You’re going and it’s not about you. It’s about the girls that you will be playing against.” Then God put on my heart to share about him as our Father and how much He loves “His girls.” He totally gave me that opportunity to share on Saturday. Finally, I have felt led to pray that we will not just plant seeds, but that we will see the harvest. Well…we have already seen the harvest! God is drawing His daughters back to Himself. At the same time, He is building our faith, giving us boldness, and opening doors we never thought possible. I cannot believe how quickly we have connected with these girls. They are our Cayman sistersJ I look at their faces and realize that these are the girls we’ve been praying for. These are the girls that need to know how much their Heavenly Father loves them. We’re thankful to be His hands and feet. Thanks for the support and keep those prayers coming!! God is doing great things!! (Victoria)

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