Sunday – Church

Well Sundays are a day of rest all round the world and that is exactly what we did. We were invited to a local Church by one of the girls on the U20 WNT that we had met the night before at our night of worship. Which was awesome as you can tell from yesterday’s blog post. We have never once been able to share what our team is all about before we play a team. It was neat to share with them all that we were about because now it is up for us to live up to what our mission is all about. At Church we were welcomed in by loving people. It was so exciting to see all the girls again and be able to worship in their environment alongside them.

One of the girls even told us that the only reason she was at church today is because she wanted to see us again. She is a great girl with a lot of energy! She has had a rough life and she finds it hard to stay strong in her faith. Over the past few years she has fallen away from her faith but since we have been here she has been opening up more and more. She continues to tell us that we are different from any other Christian she has ever met and how encouraging we are to just be around. She has told us story after story about Christians who are hypocrites and gossipers. She knows that our team is not perfect but she sees that we are different and wants to be with us as much as possible. This is why she calls us her new best friends. She knows that we are who we say we are and we will love everyone around us for exactly who they are.

The Church service was very interesting with all the culture that fit into that little Church. There were people from all types of backgrounds, ethnicities and countries. The service was a lot like the services we have back in the states but with a little different style. One of my favorite parts about it was that everything that was said was straight from the Bible. The pastor and his wife talked about Adam and Eve, along with what biblical manhood and women hood looks like. They presented the gospel and the salvation message in such a way that made me look at my salvation in a whole new light of thankfulness.

The rest of the day was a day of rest. We hung out by the pool for only a short while then off to the shade to be sure we don’t get burned. We want to be at the top of our game for tomorrow’s game. (Sam Dekker)

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