Monday – First match!

Monday, Monday, Monday! I literally looked at our thermostat this morning and it said “Day 5” on it. DAY FIVE! These days are just absolutely flying by! And yet, God slows down each day to fit in as many opportunities to share as much of His love possible. Oh, and did I mention it was GAME DAY!?

This particular day started at about 9:30AM where we were served another great breakfast from our usual servers: Nicole, Kishane, Shanika, and Victor. I’ve got a really good feeling about these guys; God has clearly been working in their hearts since the first day we walked in. It’s so exciting to see God’s love shared-even off the soccer field.

After breakfast, we cleared some time to relax and go souvenir shopping before the big game! After waiting in the lobby for some time, we found out our bus could not come get us, so instead, the man driving the shuttle van for the hotel offered to bring us in groups of ten. The first group was off, and the second group stayed behind waiting. I was part of the second group. It was cool to see that waiting an extra 45 minutes did not stir up one complaint. The other girls and I sat goofing off and making the most of every moment. When our shuttle arrived, there was another mix-up. He now could only take five more because some other tourists also needed a ride. Some of the girls had no problem staying back with another coach while the five of us loaded the bus. On the bus, we were able to talk to the shuttle driver and some people who were also staying in the hotel, it was a neat opportunity again to share God’s love through expressing our flexibility in this whole confusing situation. Anywho, we all eventually made it and shopped away!

When our shopping time was over, we again waited for our bus to come get us. After chillin’ in the shade for some time we realized he wasn’t coming! We grabbed another bus and headed back! We were all pretty shopped and sunned out so after lunch we were released to take naps- probably one of the team’s favorite activities besides soccer!

The team met up again at 4 to do our pre-game chat. After that we had a few extra minutes where some girls somehow found coconuts and were trying to break them open. Voss broke them open and some of the girls soon found out they were rotten! One of the servers (Nicole) said she would find her friend and get us fresh coconuts by the time we returned, and she did! We have about 20!

Game time: The trip to the game was really exciting. It was the first time our team has taken on another team outside since December! There was so much excitement! It was a quick warm up which lead into a FIFA walk out. I was honored to be one of the FIFA flag-carriers along with Jackie and Courtney. It was such a neat experience for the entire team! Let me tell you, I was pumped! It was a competitive game, two very different styles competing. In the end, the game turned out to be a tie (2-2). After the game, each one of us players had a Mission Ball (A soccer ball with the Gospel message written alllllll over it!) and a t-shirt to give out to the other team. After handing them out, I called both teams to gather in close together. Thanks to God’s pulling on my heart for the past three days, I was privileged to share part of my testimony. I talked about Ecclesiastes, where Solomon was looking through his life and finding everything meaningless without Christ. Christ gives meaning and purpose in every part of our lives. I emphasized the fact that Christ is the only reason why I am here today, He is why I play my hardest, why I try and give my best, because without Him, life is meaningless. After my testimony, a player from the other team stood up and sincerely thanked us for sharing the Gospel with them not only through our words, but through our actions as well. She said we were the calmest, nicest team they ever played and that she could see Christ’s love just by the way we talked to each other on the field. Neat huh?

After many good-bye’s, we made our way back to the hotel for a late dinner and lights out!

Final thought of the day: Thank You, Lord for your mercies being new every day!!!

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