Saturday Events

Liz will give you more details but we want to try to keep up with you all!!  We had morning training at Ed Bush Stadium on West End….absolutely beautiful, way too early…lol.  We did another in the series of Bible Studies on Wisdom Walks.  We also pounded through some great cross cultural training exercises.  We headed back to Ed Bush Stadium where 4 local Senior Club teams were playing at 5pm & 7 pm.  This was great to see some local matches.  These gals have some serious talent.  It turned into goof off at the stadium with Little Sally Walker with some of the U17’s and a rap rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot…..classic.  Expect nothing less from the women whose love for Jesus is pouring out of them!  After the matches we got together with the U17/U20 National Team Players at our hotel.  Absolutely powerful!!  Liz lead worship and Victoria shared from her experiences at the NCCAA National Tournament in Florida (missing the PK and God using it for good) and shared the Gospel.  This was an awesome powerful time with all the players getting to know each other better!  Ended up with an invitation to church for Sunday.

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