Friday – trying to get on Cayman Time

Friday was our first full day at the Cayman Islands—and a good first day!  We got to sleep in and start our morning with a much needed run around the golf course which is next to the resort.  The run felt GREAT since we needed to run the “plane” out of our legs from the previous day.  When we finished, we stretched on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view before we had breakfast.

All of the meals are made and served buffet-style for us.  Since we have the same servers every day, we have been having a fun time getting to know Nicole, Kishane, Shanika, and Victor.  They seem to be enjoying us since we tend to be an entertaining bunch. 🙂

After breakfast, we were able to lay out and swim before we got together for our Bible study.  For our Bible study, we are reading from Wisdom Walks.  It was great to relax, read Truth, and discuss it with each other.  Our Bible study on Friday was mainly about avoiding the “life of duplicity” and being honest on how we truly are.  When we are honest to God, ourselves, and each other, we are able to give God more room to shine through us—like a pot with cracks in it.  We may be a pot with cracks (our imperfections), but it’s beautiful when we let God shine through those cracks.

Later in the evening, we trained at the Annex.  It was a MUCH different environment to train in since about 40 high school students were there playing soccer near the field or sitting in the stands watching us train.  We tried our best to not get too distracted by the crowd around us J It is exciting, though, that a lot of people will be watching us play our games.  If 40 or more people were at our practice, think about how many will be at our games!  Voss and Jocelyn were able to talk about the games on national television yesterday, and several strangers we have met have said that they are coming.  It’s exciting to know that we get to play soccer as a mission for Christ.  We pray that the way we play will be a testimony.

After coming back to the resort and eating dinner, we ended our night with cultural training and worship on the dock.  So far, we have very much enjoyed meeting the Caymanian people and understanding what it is like to live here.  Before worship, Jocelyn, Sam, and I (Kristin) talked to some natives that were fishing on the dock.  It was a husband, wife and two of their kids.  We talked to the husband the most and got to learn about life in the Cayman Islands.  He was born and raised on this island in a city called Hell.  Yes, Hell… in fact, he attends a Church of God in Hell on Hell Rd.!  He said we should go to Hell sometime—and we can leave whenever we want, haha 🙂


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