Thursday – CH 27 National TV Interview

Well I knew I was going to be challenged here, but didn’t know it was going to be so soon! But I am thankful that God gave us this opportunity to share 🙂 When we arrived to our hotel, Voss was told the national news of Cayman Islands wanted to interview the coaches and a player. I am thankful I was given this awesome opportunity to share, but I knew I was going to be nervous! When we arrived to the news station we were told the interview was going to be live…man did I have butterflies in my stomach. But before it started I just asked the Lord to calm my nerves and speak through me, he did just that. We were asked some questions like; Why did your team decide to come to the Cayman Islands to play, what is your team about, and what is your team expecting from the other teams. It wasn’t a huge interview or even very long, but we do know that futbol is very popular here, so if there is a game playing a lot of people want to watch. I am just praying that the Lord will bring people to our games so they can see what our team is about, and give us even more opportunities to share the Gospel. Even though I was nervous for the interview, I am thankful for the challenge God put me through. Please keep praying the God will be glorified in all that we do!  (Jocelyn)

4 thoughts on “Thursday – CH 27 National TV Interview

  1. I am loving reading the blog so keep posting (: The opportunities that you have already had to share Gods love and word is amazing! I will continue to pray for everyone for more opportunities to minister! I see God at work in everyone and I can’t wait to hear about the impact you have in bringing more people into Christ’s kingdom! Praying for everyone, keep glorifying God and having the best time ever!!!!!

  2. So great Joc thanks for sharing. So proud of you for being willing and allowing the Lord to speak though you. He is there and He is at work!! Keep it up.Love you all!


  3. You guys did an awesome job! I was able to find the interview on the Internet! :). Keep up the good work spreading God’s love and spreading the Gospel. Praying that lives are changed!

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