Leaving Chicago

We had a lot of time in the airport before our flight was scheduled to take off (8 hours), so on the way back from playing on the airport train with some of the girls I decided to grab the guitar and head over to the wheelchairs to strum a few chords.
Thanks to my clumsiness I fell off the wheelchair with the guitar…yes, very embarrassing. I saw a worker start to walk over to me so I turned my head and started playing to ignore him, scared that he would tell me to get off the wheelchairs. Instead he said, “You play?”. I was so excited that he came over to talk to me! I was able talk with him for 40 minutes about God and salvation. He has a different viewpoint. He says that as long as he lives his life with no regrets and is proud of how he lives than he has nothing to worry about. When I asked him about eternity he was stumped. He continued to say he doesn’t worry about it. Our conversation went very well, talking about the flood, science, biblical truth, God’s wrath and His love, and eternity. It was sad to see him walk away in the end, but I know that Louis has been challenged with the Word in the past and I am thankful for the opportunity I had to plant another seed in his life. God is doing amazing things, and we can’t wait to see what else He will do! (Hannah)

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