Hey there everyone! Most of you have heard but if not, we (Grace College Women’s Soccer team) are headed to the Cayman Islands for a missions trip in March!

Our Mission
We will be running mini camps and clinics for the kids in the area, and we also get the opportunity to play Women’s National teams!  The teams attending are: Cayman Islands Women’s National team, Jamaica U20 Women’s National team, Cayman Islands U20 National team, Chile U20 Women’s National team, and the New Zealand Women’s National team.

Aside from playing the teams we will be having meals, worship, and Bible studies with them.  The competition is going to be relentless, and having the opportunity to share our joy in the Lord will be amazing!  Another one of our outreaches will be giving away Bibles which we will have marked in and prayed over; the Bibles will go to the players we encounter during the games.

What do we need?

 Currently we are raising funds, training, and preparing both physically and spiritually to take this adventure.  This is where all of you come in!  WE NEED PRAYER!  Our goal is to glorify God through everything we do, and we be

lieve this is a necessary step.  We would love if all of you would join us in giving this missions trip over to God.  We want hearts to be open, receptive, and hungry for Him.  That is our prayer, will you join us?


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